Purple hair!

joe trptych

I had a few reservations about presenting this Love and Colour portrait to my thirteen-year-old son. Like many teenage boys, Joe is not overly keen on being photographed. Put this alongside Joe’s love of pointing out inaccuracies in… pretty much everything, (one of his favourite TV programmes is Great Movie Mistakes, which is a programme entirely based around inconsistencies between camera shots), and it becomes clear why I was a little apprehensive presenting Joe with this large, multi coloured print depicting him with mainly purple hair, with the exception of some dashes of yellow, pink, red, blue and green, oh, and wearing a top so colourful it could make a rainbow feel a bit dull.

The reaction…A grin appeared on Joe’s face followed with, “That’s really cool, I like it”. My desperate attempts to act casual went out of the window as a smile instantly imprinted itself on my face of the kind that gives you aching cheeks.

Joe has not objected to the framing or hanging of the artwork, and so far there have been no demands to take it down when his friends come over, in fact, Joe has been overheard countering an interested stare from one of his friends with “My Dad did that”. Now if that isn’t Love and Colour, then I don’t know what is.