A life of Love and Colour

Rose small

How does a child see the world? With no filter and with a radiance and vibrancy that only youth allows. If I spend enough time around my children, in their world and not imposing my will and world on them, I see things pretty close to how I remember my childhood; colourful, magical, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful.

My seven-year-old daughter regularly grabs my hand and escorts me to the trampoline in our garden. Displaying intuition beyond her years, this is usually at a time when I am focusing wasted energy on something that hasn’t happened and may never happen. The result is always the same, without exception, if I allow myself to enter into her world of Love and Colour. Bouncing higher than the trees, perfecting tricky mid-air manoeuvres and my daughter contorting her face trying to disguise her amusement at my adult frame creating dangerously large impressions on the tightly stretched trampoline.

There is so much more to life, if we allow for a little Love and Colour.

Photograph courtesy of Beatrice Photography