Let’s pursue ghosts…

“Let’s pursue ghosts, and – as you say – the ‘principle of their disappearance’. ” The Shaw river in Australia runs through the rocks of the Strelley Pool Chert preserve, an environment that existed 3.43 billion years ago, including several kinds of fossils called stromatolites. Stromatolites have traditionally been defined as remains of ancient life forms…several different kinds of stromatolites in the Strelley Pool Chert, such as big domes, big cones, little cones, waves and even shapes looking like giant egg cartons.

“…because it can never bring back what I once loved – because of all that, drawing is an intense expression of the defect of distance.” A period of intense asteroid shelling called the Late Heavy Bombardment that ended 3.8 billion years ago. “If life could find a foothold here, and leave such an imprint that vestiges exist even though only a minuscule sliver of rock is all that remains from that time, then life is not a fussy, reluctant and unlikely thing. Give life an opportunity and it’ll run with it.”

“Do you think HE can hear us? If he listened, I’m sure he’d hear us but I don’t feel he is listening. Something about absence. I fear I’m talking to myself. That’s what drawings do, they talk to themselves. Where are you? I’m here. In a room? The corner of a room. What’s in it? A round table with a cloth on it. Exactly like here. Can you describe it?” The Acasta Gneiss is a tonalite gneiss in the slave craton in Northwest Territories, Canada. The rock body is exposed on an island about 300 kilometres north of Yellowknife. The rock of the outcrop was metamorphosed 3.58 to 4.031 billion years ago and is the oldest known intact crustal fragment on Earth.

As my exploration with Love and Colour continues, this experimental series of abstract drawings investigates the lines that make us who and what we are. Portraits of, from where we came. (These drawings follow lines of the river beds, fossils and rock formations featured and are available as a limited edition print run of 100, see ‘Prices and Sizes’ tab for more detail.)

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