Group Zero (Gruppo Origine)

The group was founded in Rome in 1951 by Alberto Burri, Ettore Colla, Giuseppe Capogrossi and Mario Ballocco. Critical of what they saw as the increasingly decorative quality of abstract art at the time.

By openly renouncing three-dimensional forms, by reducing colour to it’s simplest, peremptory and incisive expressive function, by evoking…pure and elemental images, the Group’s artists express the necessity of a rigorous, coherent, energetic vision (which is) primarily antidecorative.’ 

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with Love and Colour portraits…Ok, after completing the series of portraits featured on the previous post, I felt compelled to dismantle the images, to reduce them further, explore, and see where I, or they arrived. Love and Colour was never intended as a creative service that would attempt to recreate photographs through highly detailed illustrations, Love and Colour is a creative service that offers to express a version of your photograph that you have not previously seen.

So back to the group of Italian artisits who attempted to dismantle the trends of the time and explore new territory by reducing colour to it’s simplest form and set about creating pure and elemental images. 

The Group Zero portraits as featured below, are a response to my own work, an exploration into simplicity and expression. A new and exciting chapter for Love and Colour as I tear down constraints that I may have placed on myself.

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