Line Portraits by Love and Colour (Le Pont d’Arc)

“The Cro-Magnons lived with fear and amazement in a culture of Arrival, facing many mysteries. Their culture lasted for some 20’000 years. We live in a culture of ceaseless Departure and Progress which has so far lasted two or three centurires. Today’s culture, instead of facing mysteries, persistently tries to outflank them.”

“On a rock in front of me a cluster of red squarish dots. The freshness of the red is startling. As present and immediate as a smell, or as the colour of flowers on a June evening when the sun is going down. These dots were made by applying red oxide pigment to the palm of a hand and then pressing it against the rock. One particular hand has been identified on account of a disjointed little finger, and another imprint of the hand has been found elsewhere in the cave.”



“Many walls that might have lent themselves to being painted on, have not been touched. There is more emptiness, more secrecy, perhaps greater complicity with the darkness.”

“What they painted is like a map, she says. Of what? The company in the dark. Who are where? Here, come from elsewhere…

John Berger

We are now taking commissions for Love and Colour Line Portraits.

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