Please give a warm welcome to the three Goddesses of the Moon; Luna, Diana and Juno

“Others have wondered why anyone
would ever love the coldness of the Moon
over the warmth of the Sun on the skin.
I, for one, am in love with Luna
up high in night glowing within her beams.
& I, I am a lover of dreams
may it be of fantastic & frightening;
the dwelling & distant;
the beauteous & bittersweet;
& even the comedic & calamitous.
It matters not what dream to me,
uncaring the manner of story
with endings of varying meaning
as our dreams are birthed in the womb
at night of our mother Moon
& what could be loved more
than living unlived fantasies
together we dreamt with her sun, Söl.”

Michael Fuller
January 13, 2016

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