“My true intention is to create art that holds a special moment still, telling secrets of the subject.

Through considered use of composition, line and colour, I arrive at an image that encourages a shift in perspective for the viewer, both visually and emotionally.

My true intention is to see a moment as it may have felt.”

How often do you find yourself scrolling through images of your loved ones stored away on your laptop, phone, tablet, or whatever device you have to hand. I found myself regularly reminiscing, by wading through hundreds of thumbnails that captured that moment of my children that would make me swell with pride or melt with emotion.

Whilst going through this cyclic process I was often left feeling frustrated that I had not done something more with these images. Then early one morning (around 3am early) I made a decision, I was going to work with our favourite images and create something unique for our walls that would display these special moments.

Looking back, this was the birth of ‘Love and Colour’ although I didn’t know it at the time. My intention was to create something original, unique and timeless, for me, and my loved ones. A celebration of my beautiful children, using colours and lines that echo their character and personality.

And this is what I did. Having spent years creating art in the form of album covers, book jackets and t-shirt design, I got to work celebrating my own. Through the most unintentional and organic way possible, (basically, friends and family saying “can you do one for me?”) Love and Colour was born.

Daniel Davidson

Love and Colour

Daniel has been creating art in various forms for 25 years. After leaving school and studying Graphic Arts, Daniel moved into sign design/manufacturing learning the essentials of placement and spacing of image and text. After several years in this field, Daniel embarked on a career in music working with EMI/Virgin Records, which enabled him to get involved in the creative process of writing music whilst creating an accompanying visual, in the form of illustration and moving image. As Daniel’s obsession with visual creativity increased, more of his focus and energy has been channeled into responding to eclectic references and moving towards a unique and recognisable style.

Having recently had his work featured in publications including the Saatchi Gallery Art and Music Magazine, Art Monthly, Aesthetica, Graphic Art News and Creative Review, as well as exhibitions at The London Illustration Fair, The Grundy Art Gallery, The Lloyd Gill Gallery and work currently featured at Saatchi Art. Daniel continues to work as design executive at London based T-shirt designers, We Admire as his work continues to develop, grow and create intrigue in equal measure.